The good, the bad and the confusing…

This month the group spoke about the issues with contracts for people in retirement housing types. HAAG and RAAG have been hearing about these issues and discussing them for years, which is why unfair contracts is a key ask in the Retirement Housing Matters Campaign established by HAAG, COTA, CALC and RRVV after the 2016 Retirement Housing Inquiry.

Image taken from Retirement Housing Matters Campaign Flyer

The group discussed items such as:

  • problems arising when village staff do not know the legislation or how the contracts work and give the residents incorrect advice
  • difficulties that arise when there are many different contracts within one village; residents cannot work together on common issues if some people are not impacted
  • issues with who to go to for expert and affordable advice when there are very few legal services that are experiences in the contractual nuances of retirement housing

Similar concerns were addressed when HAAG and the Residential Tenancies Commissioner ran a Residential Parks Roundtable.

You can read about contracts on page 2 of the PDF below:

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