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Scroll down to find links to services, organisations, associations, information and tools to assist residents of retirement housing understand their rights.

Topics Include


    Retirement Village Cost Calculator

    Free general tool by Macquarie University to help you better understand ingoing, ongoing and outgoing costs.

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    Financial Counselling Information

    Link to the Moneysmart website to find a financial counsellor near you.

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    Consumer Price Index Information

    Link to all consumer price indexes by quarter.

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    Lobbying and Campaigning Tools

    Find Your Local Member of Parliament

    Search tool on Parliament of Australia website for all senators and members.

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    Find out how your Member of Parliament Votes

    How does your MP vote on the issues that matter to you? Search tool to find your local representative and see how they vote on issues you care about!

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    Housing for the Aged Action Group

    Link to HAAG’s website with campaigning tools and election asks!

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    Starting a Residents Committee

    Residents’ Committee Toolkit

    Links for files to download as samples for your residents’ group to develop your own policies and procedures.

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    Regulatory Bodies

    Click HERE for Information on Retirement Villages

    Click HERE Consumer Affairs Victoria Information on Residential Parks (Part 4A)

    Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria (DSCV)

    DSCV provides free dispute resolution services across Victoria, as well as training and accrediting mediators to national standards.

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    Resident Run Organisations and Associations

    Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria (RRVV)

    RRVV is an independent volunteer organisation serving and representing residents of retirement villages and similar housing communities within Victoria.

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    MHOA (Manufactured Home Owners Association) Victoria Inc

    MHOA is comprised of Manufactured Home Village residents advocating for better protections for ourselves and other Victorians living in these Villages.

    Phone: 0431 347 797
    Postal Address: P.O. Box 427, Kilmore 3764

    Legal/Advocacy Services

    Law Institute of Victoria

    Link to the ‘Find A Lawyer’ referral service.

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    Consumer Action Law Centre

    Consumer Action provides free legal advice and pursues litigation on behalf of vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers across Victoria, and is the largest specialist consumer legal practice in Australia.

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    Tenants Union

    Information and resources for people living in housing covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.

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    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

    The ACCC has a page specifically about older Australians and information on your consumer rights.

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    Electricity and Water Ombudsman (EWOV)

    EWOV work to resolve complaint about electricity, gas and water companies. This now includes people in retirement housing who receive services under and Embedded Network.

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    Community Legal Centre

    Search tool to find your local community legal centre.

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    Justice Connect

    Justice Connect helps people and community groups connect with free legal help. Their services are specialised and there are eligibility criteria for some services.

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