Older Renters Get Shirty With Risky Businesses

At the end of 2023, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) announced their regulatory priorities for the upcoming year. Due to HAAG and the Manufactured Home Owners Association Victoria (MHOA Vic)’s advocacy and campaigning, residential parks (also known as land lease villages) are listed as one of CAV’s regulatory priorities!

This is very exciting as residential parks are often left out or ignored in discussions about the Residential Tenancies Act and the Retirement Villages Act. This means that there are less protections for people living in this type of housing.

CAV has acknowledged that more attention needs to be paid to the growing residential park/lend lease village industry given that these housing types and their contracts have the potential to cause financial harm, and health and safety risks for older and vulnerable residents.

The CAV webpage on this states:

Residential parks presenting new risks to consumers that need closer monitoring


Residential parks are another growing accommodation sector. Such parks often attract older renters who may be financially vulnerable and seeking an alternative to a retirement village. Our previous work has identified a range of potential industry wide issues that may adversely affect residentsโ€™ health and safety, as well as presenting potential financial harm and detriment to renters. Central to these concerns is the use of unfair or prohibited contract terms in site agreements by some industry participants and a lack of transparency around fees and charges and rights or obligations on ending an agreement.


We will conduct further research to better understand these issues, engage with industry leaders to encourage better service delivery and intervene where appropriate. We will also assist older, financially disadvantaged residents living in retirement housing through the state-wide Retirement Housing Assistance and Advocacy Program (RHAAP) to help individual residents get the advice and support they need. We will take enforcement action against systemic or egregious non-compliance by park operators.

Get in touch with HAAG if you want to know more, or get involved!

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