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Our campaigns to make all retirement housing types fair and affordable for residents.

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If you are looking for other open consultations you can find more on the Engage Victoria site.

Inquiry into the Retirement Housing Sector and Retirement Housing Matters Campaign

In 2016 there was an Inquiry into the Retirement Housing Sector to look into how these housing types were regulated and run to see where improvements and reforms were needed.

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In particular, the Inquiry had aims to look at exiting legislation, the experiences of residents and their families, the experiences of housing operators, the option to appoint a specific Ombudsman and the impact of local government on retirement housing.

From the Inquiry, 15 recommendations were made. The government response only supported the recommendation to review the Retirement Villages Act.

So to keep all the issues on the agenda RAAG has been campaigning for the key asks from the Retirement Housing Matters Campaign!

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The asks are:

  • Stop excessive fees such as deferred management/ exit fees
  • Lobby for and promote complaint and dispute resolution processes
  • Training for operators
  • Reducing complexity of contracts
  • Safety and security of estate/ villages

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